Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Hallie Dedrick dba Milk & Honey (Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:32:00 GMT Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer: Blog 119 120 Downtown Dickson Maternity { Dickson Lifestyle Photography} Downtown Dickson is a great spot to shoot. The large variety of options, wall textures, urban and country feeling locations, as well as small town charm make it a perfect pick for this sweet couple. How sweet are they? They welcomed their sweet little angel last month! 

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Clinton turns 1 {St. Petersburg Beach Family Photography} Happy Birthday to this sweet little guy!!


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Clearwater Beach Maternity {Clearwater Maternity Photographer} This time of year can be a challenge for Florida photographers. The weather can be very unpredictable! Some days it feels a bit like we are trying to outrun and predict thunderstorms. Trying to schedule photography sessions can be a challenge, especially when you have a time limit like an approaching due date!! But thankfully, mother nature stayed on her side of the bay and while we may not have had the peachy pink sunset we were hoping for, the diffused light of a cloudy evening can make for some beautiful images none the less!!


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The beauty of boudoir... {Tampa Bay Boudoir Photographer} This is a brand new genre to me I admit. But in some ways, not too far removed from maternity! Before you laugh, let me explain. As women we all have things about our bodies we love, and things we hate. Just our nature, in maternity, Ive always loved helping women look their very best with poses, angels, and encouragement. Boudoir was really the same. Focusing on all the things that are beautiful, feminine, and unique to that woman. It was so much fun! Thanks to this awesome chick for letting me share a few! How beautiful is she!

Ive been in front of the camera before for my own boudoir session. Any woman, any age, any body shape, before or after kids can enjoy a session like this and feel beautiful!



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Gaetane & Kareem are Married! {Tampa Wedding Photography} I remember the first time I saw this particular bride. It was at a Tampa birth professionals networking meeting. For whatever reasons I felt a pull towards her. I wanted to welcome her and make friends. We were both pregnant at the same time. So we had a fun maternity session today where we got to know one another. What a special treat to also be asked to photograph her wedding.

This wedding was full of laughter and love. From the words spoken over them at their ceremony to the words spoken over them by their family and friends at the reception, there was no doubt that this couple and their children were very loved, respected, and supported. It was a blessing and an honor to witness. Many many blessings to you as you journey into this next chapter together!!


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The Birth of Giuliana {Natural Birth Countryside Mease- Tampa Bay Birth Photography} This awesome mama contacted me pretty early on. She was well informed and educated herself. After a few days of contractions, things finally picked up for her and off we went to the hospital. Momma was amazing and I'm so proud of how she stood her ground, knew what she wanted and didn't want, and persevered through her labor. You did amazing mama! Congrats family!         


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Baby Gabriel {Tampa Bay Newborn Photographer} You may remember this sweet baby from a recent blog post from his birth at Breath of Life. Sweet baby Gabriel


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Published! Midwifery Today Magazine How exciting to have 3 of my images published in the recent issue of Midwifery Today Magazine!

This is the 3rd time Milk & Honey images have been published in magazines


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The birth of Adler {Breath of Life Birth Center } This sweet mama and I met late in her pregnancy, but having her birth documented was important since her husband would be out of state when the baby would be coming, serving in the military. The big day finally came, she called to say her water had broken! We all had a humorous moment as she arrived at the birth center, with clear evidence of ruptured waters! Momma settled in quickly. She had made a beautiful banner for her coming son. We all worked together to put it up for her.  Her doula and long time friend arrived shortly after we did. They set out to braiding her hair in a beautiful crown. Soon the decision was made to go outside for a walk to see if we could get things moving along. We were all happy for this mama when the phone rang and it was her husband. Her contractions were strong and she had to put the phone down to get through it. But you could see the relief on her face just hearing from him. Things picked up quickly and momma moved, changed positions, enjoyed laboring in the tub.  Finally baby was coming, she used various positions before finally finding herself in the arms of her friend and doula. Mama worked really hard to get her baby out. The birth team also showed just how skilled and experienced out of hospital midwives are. Another beautiful Breath of Life Birth!


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University of Tampa Maternity Session I just love this mama to be. We had a great time at the UT campus. Looking forward to her birth which is coming soon!


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Class of 2014- Beach Senior Photos {Tampa Bay Senior Photographer} As everyone knows I specialize in birth, maternity, and lifestyle newborn. But every once in awhile I will shoot weddings, seniors, and other events. This is beautiful Meredith. Class of 2014


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The Birth of Gabriel {Breath of Life Birth Center Tampa Bay Water Birth} This awesome mama and I met late in her pregnancy, but hit it off right away! This was an experienced mama, but having her first fully natural, and out of hospital birth. She was as prepared and educated as she could be. And I just knew she would have an amazing experience. And she did! I know at times she felt out of control, but as you can see by these photos- she was clearly relaxed, and in all her birthing power. Things moved quickly, she spent the end of her labor in the arms of the man who loves her and big brother to be was always nearby, often lending a hand to help comfort his mother. I really loved how he embraced the birth. Often young men run away from the idea. Im sure he will be an excellent big brother. You did it mama! Congrats family! You had a beautiful birth!

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Sweet Baby Jude {Tampa Bay Newborn photgraphy} You may remember this sweet family from a recent homebirth blog! He was the most laid back little man for his newborn photos!!


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Birth Without Fear Orlando MeetUp Ive been following the Birth Without Fear blog & facebook for quite some time now. It has been a great source of support information and sharing. It was an honor to be welcomed into this space to capture photographs of the event! It was beautiful and I highly recommend attending BWF events when possible!!


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The Homebirth of Baby Boy Jude {Tampa Bay Homebirth Birth Photography} This special family was planning their 2nd homebirth, for their 3rd child. A son. This mama labored beautifully as her 2 little girls slept. Safe and secure in her husbands arms. It was a lovely, relaxed vibe with beautiful music playing in the dark of the night. Before long... little man his appearance. Big sisters seemed smitten for the first moment they saw him. This birth and the drama of night time just begged for black and white.



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Dunedin Maternity Photography {Tampa Bay Maternity Photographer} How radiant is this mama! 39 weeks preparing to have her first baby. This mama is also a photographer, so it was an honor to help create photo memories for her!


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The Birth of Elias {Tampa Bay Homebirth- Sweet Child O Mine} Tampa Birth Photography How can anyone forget this stunning mama!

I was excited to hear about her due date being early Jan. I have 2 Jan babies, and also have a Jan. birthday, so I think its a great month to be born. What I didn't expect was the exciting news that this baby was going to be sharing my birthday!! Jan 4th is a great day to be born! What a fantastic way to spend the evening on my own birthday, celebrating with this special family!

This mama was as stunning during labor as she was during her maternity session!!

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The Birth of Jax {Tampa Bay Home Birth- Barefoot Birth} Tampa Bay Birth Photography This story actually has 2 parts. One day when it appeared it might be time, and the next set, the labor itself. I thought about not adding pics from the "false alarm" day, but the moments were real, and well...  its how their story unfolded! I just loved the interaction between the mama and daddy to be with their daughter. Also between the daughter and the birth team (Barefoot Birth).  I just adore when girls get to witness this sort of care and birth. Labor finally did come and the only question we all was- "Will this be a Christmas baby??" Baby came just after midnight. As for the rest of the story- I think I'll just let the photos tell the story. It was hard to pic favorites- but make sure you don't miss the picture of mom hearing how big her baby was!!


Maybe a baby day?


Tonight is the night........

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Little Man Landon- 1 month old {Tampa Lifestyle Newborn Photography} This mama and I had a great time during her maternity session a few months ago. You may remember this awesome moment:

Its always fun to see mamas with their babies in their arms!!  So we did a casual laid back lifestyle session in the comfort of her own home where baby could be nursed as needed and no one felt rushed or out of their element.

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Should doulas be photographers & What on earth is Doula Light? {Tampa Bay Doula Services} In the birth and photo world, there is on going discussion that revolves around "can a doula also be a birth photographer and fully serve her client?" Or even SHOULD a doula also a be a birth photographer.  As someone who does both, I have plenty of thoughts on it.  I also have real thoughts about this not being something that is for everyone, or for someone who is a beginner in either (especially both) fields. I believe we can grow and develop in birth work (and one day be confident in our professional offerings), but not a place to "practice". This work is too important, the memories too precious.

Its often said- no one can do both jobs 100%. Can someone do both, 100%. No, by definition of 100% they can't. Can someone do both effectivly, effeiciently, and with great quality and service. absolutely! 


So a little about me and how I view what I offer:

I think we get tripped on the concept of it being 2 jobs. Ive been just a doula at births. Ive been just a photographer at births. And Ive been a doula-tog (Doula-Photographer) at births. While its hard not to feel a bit insulted by the accusation that we can serve our clients 100%, I also realise, for someone who hasn't done both. Its probably hard to understand how it works. This is the thing- Ive never felt like I was doing two jobs. More of a hybrid service. I just been doing "me". And my brain honestly functions as much doula as photographer. No switching gears, hats, jobs whatever ya wanna call it. I also don't think its a place for beginners, so for more thoughts on that, read below!



a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.
"the final text is a hybrid of the stage play and the film"

      adjective: hybrid-  mixed character; composed of mixed parts.


So yeah.... thats what I feel I do. Its its own service. Its own variety of support. Not reinventing the wheel, just doing what I do naturally. My doula style, as well as my photography style is highly observant. I watch, listen, and act as intuitivly as possible for both. I respond with either support or photography as I deem best for that moment, that contraction, that family's needs. I wear my camera behind me so my hands are always free in between shots. I support physically when needed and shoot when the moments come up. I aim to use your support person as much as their are comfortable as well. My clients are very interested in photography and seek it out. So its not something that I am bringing to their birth my own reasons. They also want me to able to get as many of the moments as possible. But they also know doula comes first. A woman getting through her birth successfully and supported always comes first. Does that mean a beautiful moment may not be photographed. Yes. This could happen during a bathroom break as well. Every single moment will not be captured. Even when I am only shooting.  Its birth. Its sacred, it sometimes needs privacy to unfold. Its sometimes needs silence. Some moments are so intense, the distraction of knowing someone is taking a picture can cause then difficultly in handling that contraction. Sometimes complications come up. I don't shoot those moments. Im supporting mama and family in these moments. Also allowing for teh caregiver to not feel uncomfortable or distracted in any way why they asses, or perform needed, emergency services.  So no- not all moments get shot. Sometimes on purpose.

I also can shoot one handed! (didn't know I was that talented eh?? LOL)  As I mentioned before, my clients want those photos. But sometimes I need to hold a leg, or a head while a mom pushes. I have gear for that! Hand strap that allows me to physically and emotionally support as well as shoot. I know it sounds complicated, but it really is as natural for me as breathing. As a doula I know things can happen and change fast. But a lot of times, after you've done this work for awihle, you can start reading the signs of things to come, and can get ready.

Sounds perfect!! Having both services in one person! 

Well...nothing is perfect. But its not a bad option for someone who doesn't want too many people there, or for the person who wants photography, and likes the comfort of having a doula there in case they need info or support. For the prenatal resources and assistance, and of course the birth story telling in photos. If there is a downside from my perspective- its just that Im not in the photos doing doula work. While I admit, I don't like having my picture taken- as a lover of documetnary photography, this is a downside. I focus on telling your families story and transformation.

Birth Photography is popular! Sounds like a perfect service to add to my birth business!!

I do feel strongly in respecting a family's birth though,  that we should be called into this work by passion, not just adding to be adding another tab in our "services" column or because its part of a growing fad/genre. Our heart, soul, and intentions are put into this work, and left behind often in the memories of the day. Not to say birth photography MUST be your passion in order to take photos at a birth, but I always think its important to ask ourselves WHY we do anything. What are our purposes behind adding a service. Building business is a good thing, but our intentions do effect our reasons and outcomes. And the big one- WHO are we shooting for?  Really... who?? Is it really to serve the clients, or to get the glory for the moment, or the kudos online when are cool image is shared? In the digital age we are in, there is a lot of glory and ego that can be attached to sharing photos online. And in our camera/photo obsessed culture, we get hung up on capturing "that moment". (ever see the discussion about being "in the moment" verses capturing the moment when your a guest at a wedding?? )  I am a big fan of encouraging people to grow in their skills and experience. I would never discourage someone who longs to be a birth photographer. But this isn't beginner territory. And part of why I feel honest discussions about it are important is that we live in a birth culture with ever growing restrictions on what options women have an whom they can bring with them in many birth environments. If you don't know much about birth- learn how to behave and what to expect and what behavior can hinder or be problematic at a birth. New to photography?? Practice OUTSIDE of birth, low light, fast movement, have back up gear for everything, learn to bounce flash OUTSIDE of birth. This is someone's of the biggest days of their lives. A transformational event. (good or bad) As this genre grows so does its popularity, and that's awesome! But it comes with real responsibility. Even weddings can be re-set up in the worst circumstances, but can't. And unless weddings, where screw ups later often become jokes about the day, bad memories in birth stay with a woman and her family.  So please, before thinking about adding the service if your a birth worker, or jumping into the new "fad" if your a photographer, truly examine why you want to do this work, who its about, and what you need to do to be effective in this fragile world.

So laying it out there-


* 1 person vs hiring 2 has benefits. Especially for hospital births where sometimes the amount of people allowed in your room is limited. Or in a small home where too many people may make things feel crowded. 

* Having a professional (professional vs doula w a camera.... 2 different things- a topic for another blog down the road) to capture your priceless and once in a lifetime moments allows your family and support people to focus solely on you, your new baby and be fully in the moment.  Let dad hold your hand, kiss your head, and just soak it all in. And let me capture those moments. Birth also happens fast and often in dark places. Not conditions that most consumer cameras do well in, and not the type of event an beginner photographer may have the knowledge or gear to capture effectively.

* Having a photographer who is also an experienced doula has the benefit of knowing you have that support. Just in case. Even if you hope you don't need it. But things can be unpredictable. And you never know. Im there for you before, during and after birth to help navigate your options, help you find your path and answer your questions as well photography the story. I stay with you till everyone is stable. I know Ive been glad to be there with mamas who have had unexpected outcomes. Glad to know I was able to help support them as more than just a photographer during challenging, scary, and sometimes heartbreaking times.

* Price- My prices structure is set up differently than if you were hiring 2 people. You can either view it as buy one get one discounted, or as a discount off both services. I don't charge fully for both, because as we discussed earlier, its not 2 full services. But its own hybrid service. But don't let that mislead you- you will still be getting top quality photography and support.

As much as I love what I do- its important to me that my clients feel supported and well served. If I started to see or learn that they felt let down in one area or the other. I would, with out hesitation make changes. But for now, seems to be working for everyone. One mama shared this in response to the questions I asked her about her time working with me.

From momma M- hospital birth of 3rd baby

Did you ever feel like I wasn't supporting you for a moment in order to get the "shot"? Nope. I was surprised to learn you got pictures.

Was it distracting to you, or did you feel extra "watched" because of it? Nope. I didn't notice pictures being taken at all.

Did it feel like I was trying to do 2 jobs, or just one all inclusive service? Definitely all one service. I felt completely supported the entire time. The pictures were like an extra perk.

What were the benefits? Amazing support and photos that still make me cry (happy tears) two weeks after delivery. A sense of security throughout the pregnancy and delivery.

What were the downfalls? I can't really think of any... Ummm.... One of the nurses ruined one of the shots?


Cons- I know I know- why even share cons- well its part of informed choice making! Which I am passionate about!

* You may feel its better to have someone who devoted to being the doula and being the photographer. Thats totally ok too! I'm a doula needing mama for my own births!! So I personally had both! Its totally a valid option too.

Example from my personal life- birth of my first child- the day I learned how powerful birth images are. I didn't even know the midwife assistant was taking these, and my 2nd birth, my circle of doulas- so glad I had a pic of this, its one of my fav memories!



* As your doula, I may end up being a big part of your birth story but won't be in any of my own photos! This may be a big con to you, or a minor con. Its not bothered my clients thus far- only me a little as my presence is part of your birth story.

*Sometimes a shot may be missed in the name of supporting you with doula skills. Even though Im not shooting every moment, or every contraction, its a possible outcome. That said- Ive never missed shooting the big moment. I do what I can to get things set up and ready. !!  ;)

 So why the long winded blog post? Simply to explain what I do, and that I don't like the diving lines that seem to be created by doulas, photographers and doula-togs. Or the assumptions that somehow we are serving our clients less by doing both. We serve with the same heart as those doing only one service. When I only do one service now, I always feel like something is missing. So when you hire me, you get me.

Hallie Dedrick- the Tampa Bay Doula-Tog! :) 




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Merry Christmas- Adventures in photographing your own children So in an attempt to grab a quick Christmas photo of my girls, I revisited the many reasons why I don't focus on family photography! Of course I realize, taking photos of your own kids is generally harder than taking photos of other people's kids, I gained renewed respect for my amazing family photographer friends! Thought you might enjoy a few outtakes for our impromptu quickie session in our front yard.

And of course......


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!




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The Birth of Eleanor- {St. Joseph's Women's Hospital Tampa Birth Photographer} I met this special family last year at the Natural Birth & Baby Expo. They were there covering the event with their radio station Talk Wad Radio.  Here is my interview with her HERE She had been following my page for awhile.  :)   I was really excited when we started talking about HER birth!  You may remember her from her stunning maternity session!


How excited I was that it was finally time for this sweet family! And I always love a surprise! Would this be a boy or a girl? Friends and family had been making their guesses, mom thought maybe a boy, dad was wishing for another girl. Soon we would all find out!

Looking at these images of peace and calm you would never know that mom was laboring naturally and there was a big storm blowing outside those walls! Inside was peace and calm.


I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into this special birth. There were so many sweet moments shared between them. Im sure you can feel the love.



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Personal post- S'Mores Night- enjoying Novemeber So here is a non client post!!

Here in FL is just doesn't get cool early in the fall, and often only for a day or so at a time. So yes... we silly Floridians will pull out our sweaters, hats and such at the slightest sign of a chill! Because really, who doesn't like sweater weather?!!

The girls had been wanting to make s'mores, but its been just plain yucky. But finally, the perfect cool, quiet night had arrived. So here are a few, straight out of camera family photos of s'mores night!

Happy Fall! Hope everyone has a blessed week leading up to Thanksgiving!


(P.S..  Reaghan will be 7 in Jan. Myra will be 5 in Jan. and Audrey is almost 6 months old!)


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Down Town Tampa Maternity Photography I decided to step out of my normal location of shooting in a wooded area or beach this time. We chose downtown Tampa as our backdrop. Its a fun part of town with a lot of natural variety in the backdrops, ground and even available light! 


How stunning is this mama to be!?!




(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Sun, 24 Nov 2013 00:49:00 GMT
The Birth of Cora {Tampa General- Natural Hospital Birth- Tampa Birth Photography} After you've been in this work awhile, you find more and more of your clients find you as a result of being friend's with a current/past client. This is the ultimate compliment as a doula. When a woman trusts her beloved friends to my care. This special mama knew what she wanted. She was doing her homework, exploring all of her options, and asking a lot of questions. I love that! 


Sometimes the desires of our heart, and the realities of life, health, and timing don't match up. So as a doula, I strive to help mamas make the best of out of whatever situation they find themselves in. Even when plans change, or things get a little scary. Sometimes birth can feel a bit like choosing one set of circumstances and risks over another. Sometimes a mommas best tool is her own heart and intuition. But always.... I encourage everyone mama to see what her intuition is telling her.


This birth would be a family event. This was baby 3, and she would have 2 other big, big sisters. I can only imagine the spoiling and love she will get from having slightly older siblings than typical. There are real benefits to that!

The day had come to have baby. I won't get into all the details- those will be mom's to share and may come at a later time. But I will say, this amazing mama achieved her natural birth, even in the face of Pitocin (you rock mama!) with her hubby by her side, they shared many tender moments that I felt nothing more than truly privileged to be witnessing! And even in the face of some unexpected complications, mama held her ground, asked questions, demanded attention be paid when no one seemed to be listening. And at the end of the day, she held the cutest baby with a full head of dark hair in her arms.

Thrilled for this family, and this mama of 3 girls!

A little peek into this amazing birth. (Oh- and mama made her very own birth gown modeled after the hospital gown- birthing in style!)






(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Sun, 17 Nov 2013 21:08:00 GMT
Baby Allison


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Photography Thu, 14 Nov 2013 02:32:00 GMT
The Birth of Genevieve {Labor of Love Birth Center Tampa- Water Birth Photography} I instantly loved this family when we met to discuss services. As the time came closer, we set up a maternity session you may remember this beautiful belly-

As a doula, having clients with a homebirth midwife or at a birth center is really nice. Because we know they are generally getting all sorts of great info, and support. But sometimes things can come up out of anyone's control. One thing that can cause fear and nervousness is when a mom's due date comes.... and goes.... and the sad reality of possibly transfer has to be discussed. Having gone overdue, and having to have this talk with my own last pregnancy, the fears, worries, and concerns this mama was having were fresh to me, so my heart went out to her.  It can be hard to not let the fear rob you of the peace of the last few days pregnant. To remember that even though a deadline exists, and there may only be 2 days left... that is still 24 unique hours that anything can happen. Even at the last minute.

Finally I hear word mama was having some contractions, but nothing close together, so we all were going to bed, and hopefully, things will pick up that night. Well, nothing that night, then all the sudden the text came in that they are 3 minutes apart- and soon they were heading to the birth center. So I grabbed my gear and was on my way. The birth center was 45 minutes away. Once I arrived, I called and the big sister to be answered, saying baby is coming NOW! Woah ok, wow! Somewhere in it all I threw my bag down, grabbed my camera (always ready and charged when I leave the house- just in case- for moments like this!!)  I turned the corner into a very dark room, and a momma clearly pushing out her baby, and the midwife, chiropractor/birth assistant, and her husband all leaning over the tub helping this mama birth her baby. It went crazy fast! It was a good reminder of how birth photography sometimes requires you to have a skill level that you just react- no time to think- just shoot and set your settings by instinct.

Just after baby was born, everyone was a bit in shock, it happen so fast, and was so intense. But as the shock wore off, the joy came through. As is sometimes the case with really fast birth, the shock can hit mom and baby physically. Thankfully, momma's amazing chiropractor had been there to give her a labor adjust, and ended up assisting the midwife, then adjusting baby to help her slow her breaths and adjust from the fast birth! Momma also needed a little time to recover and get ready to have baby in her arms.  During this time, dad and the chiropractor worked with baby, then big sister took on the role of baby holder. She tenderly held her, speaking to her, and comforting her while mama was catching her breath under the midwife's care.

Soon momma was feeling better and ready to snuggle into bed with her sweet new little girl. I helped mama place baby to the breast and she latched on instantly. (While I know much of that is instinct for a newborn- I also think her post birth chiropractic adjustment helped her be ready for this moment!!)  It wasn't long after that, grandma arrived with big brother. So many beautiful family moments.

Even though it was fast, it was beautiful and intense. Great team all around. Loving big sister, steadfast dad to be, and great birth center and chiropractic support.

Congrats family! You did it!



This one of only 2 shots I had time to get before baby came out!! I actually love this photo- but let me explain it- this woman in the white is the midwife, the black- the chiropractor, dad is to the far right and back. I admit- I always chuckle inside at the hospital births when a Dr says they don't "catch" in positions other than mom on her back.  Or they don't really do that. Ive seen midwives help moms birth in every imaginable position. No big deal! In this pic, midwife was under the chiropractor doing tug of war with mom! You ladies rock!

And only moments later.....

Getting adjusted to help baby post birth.... and daddy holding his daughter for the first time!

I know its hard to imagine a new baby getting adjusted when you may think of what an adult adjustment is like. But I love this particular photo because you can see how gentle. The baby was so relaxed, as if she was already feeling better, and looking right up into Dr. Fagan's eyes,

Big sister was a huge help, keeping baby calm, warm, and safe in her arms while mom was being taken are of.

Finally, together for snuggles

Big Brother is here!! Come meet your sister!!


A group of expecting families were at the birth center for their childbirth class. Momma allowed her little one to go give the families a little inspiration! Of course daddy and an already protective big brother were right behind! Soon it was time for the newborn exam, then family time!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Mon, 11 Nov 2013 18:33:10 GMT
The birth of Alexander {Trinity Birth Photography} This mama called me pretty soon after she learned she was pregnant. We had a few visits and conversations over the course of her pregnancy. I learned from these that this mama knew her body, but also reminded of how we are made to feel during our birth experiences stays with us for the rest of our lives and carry into future births.  She told me her labor doesn't usually look like hard labor, until its pretty much time to give birth. She told me she had long labor periods, but when he water broke, things moved fast.

Things finally started brewing. Sometimes its obvious what to do, sometimes its not. We also know fear can slow or even stop things. I wish I could say that the times we went to the hospital, hoping it was the real thing,  were good experiences, but the reality is, they weren't....   So perhaps its good things happened as they did and the birth location would need to be changed.

Remember how I said she had a past of fast labors once her water broke? Well, about 2 am, I got the call. Waters had broken and they are packing up and heading to Trinity. A much closer hospital. Where the staff was also much gentler, and kinder to this mama. When I got there she was contracting, but still looking like her cool calm self in between (just as she had told me she would be). As soon as they got things set up, she asked to turn on hands and knees, and like that, things went fast, and it was time to push her baby out. It didn't take this strong mama long to birth her baby. She was strong, and powerful. And soon Alexander was here. Born just before 4 am all naturally.

It was sweet to watch baby Alexander meet his older siblings, who, in the rush of the moment, needed to come along and were waiting just down the hall for him to be born. He is a cute little guy, and I know he will be adored by his big brother and big sister!


Water broke! This time its time for sure! 

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Sun, 10 Nov 2013 21:25:08 GMT
Published! Natural Mother Magazine {Birth Photography Tampa Bay} As a birth photographer, I shoot for my clients first and foremost.  However, it is really nice, when your work is acknowledged outside of the client circle. Its validating, and helps remind me that Im on the right track.

Ive had my images feature in Green Child Magazine, online at Birth Without Fear's blog and facebook, shared by the Skeptical Mother, and now this month, one of my favorite images is being featured in Natural Mother Magazine's pregnancy and birth issue.


You can subscribe for free to their digital copy by going here-


We're on page 66-67!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Photography News Published Photos Fri, 01 Nov 2013 11:40:00 GMT
Baby Ethan- Newborn Photography {Tampa Bay Newborn Photography} What a joy to get to visit this sweet family and their little one. Only a handful of days after his birth {Featured here- The Birth of Ethan}

His nursery was adorable. These low key sessions work around your baby's needs! Tell YOUR story! Remember this unique and special time.

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Photography Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:45:00 GMT
Tampa Maternity Photography {Hillsborough River State Park} Had a wonderful time enjoying the evening at this beautiful location, with this beautiful mama to be! The light was amazing, and the prettiest flowers and tall grasses have popped up since I was there just a few weeks ago!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Mon, 28 Oct 2013 02:22:02 GMT
Baby Mia- Tampa Bay Family and Newborn Photography {Tampa Family Lifestyle Photographer} Spent a little time with this sweet family who's birth is featured here {The Birth of Mia}

I love lifestyle newborn and family! Focusing on the little details, the love of family.



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) newborn photography Tue, 15 Oct 2013 19:53:00 GMT
Clearwater (Sand Key ) Beach Maternity Photography Today was perfect. Beautiful mama, beautiful location, beautiful weather.

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Sun, 13 Oct 2013 03:10:46 GMT
Tarpon Springs Maternity Photography Beautiful park in Tarpon, lovely light and a variety of scenes for this beautiful mama and her family!























(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Fri, 04 Oct 2013 02:42:16 GMT
Tampa Maternity Photograpghy {Hillsborough River State Park Tampa FL} Maternity session at the beautiful Hillsborough River State Park. It's been years since I had been out here.  What a treat to view it through a photographers eye. One of my favorite parts about being a photographer now is looking at locations differently than I ever did before. Looking for textures, shape, leading lines, light (or lack thereof), color, objects to frame my subject etc. Make the entire world seem that much more beautiful and interesting! Add a beautiful subject and the moment comes alive.

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Sat, 28 Sep 2013 23:24:08 GMT
The Birth of Mia {Tampa Homebirth Waterbith- Birth Photography}  

Sometimes is nice to not be the doula as well, and just photograph a birth! I also am dabbling in a few new video projects, so hoping to have something new to share from this birth in the weeks to come.

I was excited about this birth, because mama is a local birth worker, planning a homebirth with a doula (as well as her supportive husband). The call came in just after bedtime, and baby came in the early morning hours while the world (and big sister) slept all around them. It was a beautiful birth, mama was strong and powerful, following her body's cues to move as it needed. After birth baby latched on, knowing it was what she was born to do. 




(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Wed, 25 Sep 2013 11:30:10 GMT
The Birth of Ethan {Trinity Medical Center Birth Photography} This special mama and I go way back. To the 9th grade in fact!  We sang together in high school choir, and have have stayed friends since then! (Im not telling you how long ago that was though...... it will give my age away ha ha ha)

If there is one things I know about birth, it is that it can be unpredictable at times. This birth proved to be that way.

Mama was handling her labor wonderfully. But as things progressed and the end was in site, baby wasn't tolerating labor well. Then it became clear fast that a cesarean was needed. I will say, the nurses and Dr did try a variety of positions, and even changed to a better internal monitor before making the call to rush her to the OR. They even had her give a few pushes to see if baby could be brought down and out fast.

But when the choice was made, it was made fast. Even dad couldn't come with her. While not common, mama had to be but under for her birth.  While we are thankful that baby was able to be born quickly, its always hard for dad to sit and wait, and for mama to be asleep when he baby is born.

I was thankful for birth photography more than usual at this birth! To capture the moments mama would miss. Dad meeting his son for the first time. And to help her more clearly remember the first time she held her son.

Birth photography is about so much more than just the big moment of birth. Its about the connections, the emotions, the details. The story of your child's birth. Whatever it ends up being like

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Sat, 21 Sep 2013 11:00:27 GMT
Its time for a break! Seems like we hear people talk about the struggle they have with finding balance in their life. Balancing family and career. I don't really believe in balance. The reality, in my opinion is that some things will require more of your time that others. And should get that time. I think the problem comes when the scales are tipping the wrong way. And mine are. So I'm going to do something a little radical. And I'm nervous,  yet feel an unbelievable peace.


For the last 5 years I have worked to build my skills, knowledge, client base, reputation, to build my business. This fall I'm finally meeting the goal Ive been working towards, as far as how many photo/birth clients I wanted a month, and having that steadily each month.  But its the timing of this accomplishment that is the challenge right now. As most of you know, we welcomed our 3rd daughter to the world on June 7th. I was back to work doing photography and grooming (Did you know I'm also a dog groomer?) very soon after she was born. Within weeks due to need and demand.

Birth work picked back up in August. I never intended to be on call with a brand new baby. But the mamas who called for the fall were very special to me, and I don't regret saying yes to them for a moment. But then the flood of amazing mamas came in. I was really excited, and honored that so many would want me to be part of their experiences.

I'm starting to get a flood of inquiries for the new year. This should be a dream come true! My business goals finally being achieved. But instead of excitement,  I don't feel at peace when I think of adding moms to my calendar for 2014.  My scale is tipping the wrong way. Right now, in this season of life, I need to be tipping towards my family more than usual. They need more of me now, than they really have before. There have been a lot of major transitions for us this year.  But my reality is that my "work" is not what I do, but who I am. And because of that, cutting back my load never lasts very long. As long as I'm pursuing "work" I am fully in. No matter how few or how many clients I have. Its just how I think, how I work, how I chase my passions.  And while it is a good thing, the timing is not good for my family. 

Family Photo by Sweet Plum Photography


So, after much prayer, seeking God's guidance, and that of those who care about me and my family, I have decided to take a break. This break will begin after I am done serving my 2013 families. (And ladies- I am still excited as ever to be part of your coming births!)  At this point I feel like I'm being led to take at least a year, but I'm going to be taking life a day at time.

Recently I added new team members, and at this very same time, we ALL have our plates so full that our families need more of us. So it looks like we are taking a full team break as we tend to our families. To the reasons most of us started this work in the first place.

I know not everyone will understand. But that's ok. I know me. I know my family. And know I won't regret more time with them.

My faith is a big part of my life, and I truly want to seek God's plan for me. Ive been sensing strongly for awhile that this is what I needed to do. But a friend I was seeking counsel from asked me a question. "Do you have peace with how things are now?" (meaning keeping on working, or even choosing to cut back vs take a full break) and I couldn't say yes....

" But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this work. I love being at births and teaching families, I feel I'm a very good doula and a good photographer. It seems so natural, business is successful right now, why don't I feel this peace??", I kept thinking.

Its all in the timing right now. Its not the right time for my to be on call, to have my schedule so full that some days Ive got commitments every night.  Even though a birth is one day, its often months of holding that woman in your thoughts, and planning for the day the call comes in to go. And teaching, while only a few hours, still takes me away for a chunk of the day.  And I love all those things.  So I know when the time is right, and I feel peaceful about jumping back into it, and my family is ready for it,  it will be the most amazing thing!




This sorta explains it all:

"Most pastors will teach that when you are seeking to find God's will, you can identify the leading of the Holy Spirit when you sense God's peace about a matter. I agree, and I believe that is absolutely true. The peace of God is one of the key indicators of God's guidance. Colossians 3:15 tells us to let the peace of God rule in [our] hearts. Peace is the umpire of our heart, telling us if we are "safe" in God's will, or "out," following our own path."


So that's my signal. And oddly, once I set it in my heart that this is what I am going to do.... peace flooded my heart. I was afraid to make this choice.  Feeling relevant in our community has always been important to me. The business woman in me knows that out of sight, out of mind is real and taking a break when things are just climaxing may not make business sense, but that's ok.  Really, how can I serve other families if I'm not serving mine first the way they need.


So feel free to contact me about services- I still want to help you find the perfect person for your birth!  And I will be around, working on some volunteer work, doing a few photography projects, working with mamas on occasion, trying new skills and more.



Photo by Sweet Plum Photography



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Photography News Mon, 16 Sep 2013 18:51:00 GMT
Rally to Improve Birth 2013- Tampa Bay Once again our community came together to help raise awareness of the problems families face when dealing with modern birth practices. We are blessed to have so many passionate families as well as birth workers! Just a few from today's event!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Photography News Tue, 03 Sep 2013 00:22:57 GMT
Baby Oliver Lifestyle Newborn

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Photography Mon, 02 Sep 2013 01:46:00 GMT
Newborn "Lifestyle" Minis {Tampa Bay Newborn Photographer} I've not offered much "newborn" up to this point. I generally prefer to send clients to some of the amazing local gals who specialize in it, but I do offer a very quick painless "lifestyle" type newborn "detail" session. The focus being on capturing the beauty of the new bond of motherhood (and or fatherhood) as well as the tiny details. This isn't a long session, no posing, wraps or props (nothing at all wrong with that- there are ladies who are excellent at that- just not what I do), and in the comfort of your own home.

This session often takes on your own bed or couch. I focus on the little things your newborn does, the faces, postures, and positions. The sweet moments you share, nursing, snuggling, her little finger grabbing yours.

Visit the services page for more information


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Fresh 48 Session Newborn Photography Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:49:52 GMT
The Birth of Allison {Breath of Life Birth Center-Tampa Bay Doula & Birth Photography} This sweet mama was part of the moms group I was part of 2 years ago at Breath of Life Birth Center. She had her first baby there.  This mama has a heroic story of her struggles and victories with breastfeeding. She called me early in the year to let me know she was again pregnant and interested in doula services. She asked, do you remember me? Of course I did! She had worked so hard and learned so much and shared her knowledge. 


They say 2nd babies are usually easier.  Well not this time.... after weeks of "false" labor, it seemed the time for the real thing had arrived. I was excited to get the call.  Excited for this family, and excited to be working in one of my favorite places. Breath of Life Birth Center.

Things appeared to be moving along pretty quickly, mom and dad were laboring together, she the picture of calm in his protective arms.  After awhile she felt pushy. As generally done, mom is encouraged to follow her body and its cues. But it wasn't long before things didn't seem quite right. After a quick check we learned there was cervix still there, and not the type to go away with a little push or little enough to be pushed behind the head, but mom was feeling so pushy. So began the long hours of helping mom relax, breath through the sensations, to allow her body to open and be able to birth her daughter. A later check showed the same. Knowing that dilation is only one part of birth, we started looking at all the elements. Momma's state of mind, level of fear or relaxation, her position, what babies position might be etc.

We had some suspicions there may be a position issue with this little lady, so we encouraged mom to try different positions, and used a few spinning babies techniques. Before we knew it, uncontrollable urges to push were back, and so the midwife made sure we were good to go, and mom headed to the bathroom, we all know the toilet is a great place to labor and push. And it was time. We gave mom and dad space to labor in private, and before we knew it mom was calling out. She chose to birth on the birth stool, and it was just a matter of moments and her daughter was born!

On look at that sweet girls head showed us a little about what the hold up was. Why her cervix was doing what it was. Mom wanted to nurse her daughter right away. So there in that room, we all celebrated as mom started to nurse, and daddy held in his arms his wife newest daughter.

This birth was yet again another example of how midwives treat the whole woman. They took into account more than just her dilation. They didn't rush to do a ceserean when her dilation didn't change during a window of time. And because of the freedom afforded to a mom laboring naturally and not attached to machines, we had a lot of options to give this mom to help her birth her baby. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Mom wore a necklace that said "TRUST BIRTH".  This birth required that. You did it mom, birthed your baby, stayed the course even when it was really hard. Im so proud of you! And I hope you are of yourself! :) 




Here are a few from this sweet family's birth!


2 of the birth center's midwives supporting mom through intense contractions.



Giving a few techniques a try to help baby get into ideal position.


Check out that head! (and where the molding is!)

Just as suspected, baby's position was making things a little more challenging for mama



One thing I love about birth center and homebirth is how the newborn exam is delayed to allow for bonding, but also how its done right in front of mom and dad. They are walked through the elements of the exam and get to know the amazing things their newborn can already do!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Sat, 24 Aug 2013 18:09:00 GMT
The Birth of Oliver Clark- Welcome Rainbow Baby {Tampa Bay Homebirth Birth Photography}  

Every birth is special. Every one leaves an impact on me. But sometimes, there are families that are a little extra special. This is one of those. A little under 2 years ago we walked together through the loss of their son who was born full term, and still.  Often after families experience a loss, they choose a new birth team for future births. How my heart jumped when I got the call that not only were they expecting, but wanted me to be there as doula and photographer again.  As this mamas "guess date" came and went, the anticipation and excitement was building!! 


Soon the call came from her husband that it was time! Labor was here. This mama handled her labor beautifully, followed her instincts. This birth had a little of everything I love about homebirth. Family, friends, pets, children, food, laboring inside and out, and the comfort of your own bed after the birth of the baby.  Everyone took turns supporting this mama, her friends and family, her devoted husband (you seriously rock daddy!!)  and her team of doula, midwife (From Sweet Child O Mine Tampa,) and assistant. Other times, we just sat back, and watched the beauty and strength of this mama laboring in her own space.


As you can imagine, this mama had a strong community of friends and family who cared for them after the loss of their son, and who now were on pins and needles waiting the news of the birth of their newest son. When he was born, eyes wide open, and let out his first call to the world that he was here we all rejoiced and cried (I'm crying again now just typing this). 


I am so thankful to this family for welcoming me back into their birth space. This was so healing for me as well. The sting of loss never leaves. But there is something extra sweet about this joy that comes after. Its true I suppose what they say about the beauty and magic of the rainbow...


"Rainbow Babies" is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn't mean the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy and hope.


Their photo-video fusion story


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Mon, 19 Aug 2013 15:11:21 GMT
1st Anniversary- Growing Up {St. Petersburg cloth diaper, babywearing, natural toys}

Spent a fun morning at Growing Up in downtown St.Petersburg.  Enjoyed seeing a few clients past and present as well as enjoying yummy treats, meeting some amazing folks, and buying some eco friendly and natural swag for my baby! It was a great turn out to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this special small business. 



Loved bumping into a client from last year, and the amazing talent behind my new logo and re-branding ( My how you have grown little man!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Photography News Sat, 17 Aug 2013 22:08:45 GMT
Rally to Improve Birth Tampa Bay It's almost that time again. Labor Day Rally to Improve Birth! So its had me thinking a lot about WHY I want to improve birth. And of course my girls always come to mind. And then I ask myself in what ways AM I am improving birth. And I love that photography and doula work improve birth one birth at a time. By helping women have more empowered births, they step foot into motherhood that much stronger. And with birth story telling through photography, I am helping challenge the view society has of birth. With each beautiful images we share, we are changing the view the media and Hollywood, and even our local communities have created of "what birth is". 


Why are you improving birth? Create your own images to be part of the project!


Find a local rally near you-

Here is info on our local event-


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Photography News Sun, 11 Aug 2013 19:54:33 GMT
New Milk & Honey team members! {Tampa Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Lactation Support} About this time last year I was planning to add new members to my team, Re-Brand, and add new services.  Shortly after I learned I was expecting again, so other than re-branding, the other changes were put on hold. As the business (and my family) has grown, so has the need to bring on new team members.

So I am thrilled to announce the new ladies who will be working with me to help meet the needs of expecting families in our area! Excited to have these talented, passionate (and just plane awesome) ladies on board offering Doula Services, Lactation Support, and Placenta Services in addition to our current offerings of Doula & Doula Light with Birth Photography, Childbirth Education, and other Photography (wedding, maternity, newborn etc) We also have a new doula in training.


Welcome Gaetane, Brooke & Kim to the Milk & Honey Family!

To learn more about them, and the services they offer- visit our ABOUT US page!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Photography News Tue, 06 Aug 2013 20:27:34 GMT
Baby Ajahni & Family {Tampa Bay Lifestyle Famly Photography}

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Photography Fri, 02 Aug 2013 02:05:00 GMT
St. Petersburg Maternity Photography {Straub Park Banyan Tree Maternity Photographer} This special mama and I have walked a journey together over the past few years. How special for me to be one of the first people to find out she was expecting again. Only a few weeks remain till we meet this much desired baby.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Sat, 20 Jul 2013 20:06:07 GMT
Cedar House- Clearwater Wedding Photography All weddings are special, but when you watch friends get married, it just adds to the joy. This wedding was so full of love and joy for this couple. It was truly and honor to there, and as a friend of the bride, to see her surrounded by people so genuinely happy for her and her groom, was all I could ever wish for her! Here is a little peak into her special day!









(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wedding Photography Mon, 08 Jul 2013 20:37:05 GMT
Milk & Honey welcomes our own baby girl #3 Better late than never has never been more true! This sweet little gal showed up just before the 42 week mark.


We were blessed to have a wonderful home waterbirth, with my older daughters both in attendance, which was something I desired greatly!

I had a wonderful doula- Melissa Goodnow of Barefoot Birth and birth photography by Patti of Sweet Plum Photography as well as the wonderful midwife and assistant from Labor of Love Dunedin.




My dad, "Papa" meeting his newest grand-daughter

1 month old

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photography News Thu, 20 Jun 2013 12:32:24 GMT
Happy Mother's Day from Tampa Bay Maternity & Birth Photographer Hallie Dedrick

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Maternity Photography Sun, 12 May 2013 20:56:02 GMT
Tampa Bay Maternity Photography {Tarpon Springs Pinellas Maternity Photography} I was really excited after speaking with this mama to be for the first time. I loved her vision, I love her desire to have a lot of photos in a natural setting, and I loved her personality! The time was coming for her session, and it felt like a battle between the weather and my soon coming due date for baby #3!  But not only did we find the perfect day, God rolled out what may go down as one of the most beautiful days in the month of May!

This terrific couple was not only gorgeous, but funny, and enjoyable to work with! Here are just a few from the fabulous maternity session we had!


Their facebook gallery-



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Mon, 06 May 2013 04:52:34 GMT
My interview with Talk Wad Radio- {Tampa Bay Natural Birth & Baby Expo} I had a blast at this year's natural birth and baby expo! Have already gained a few amazing clients from it! This event is special to my heart. Ive been a vendor all 4 years, and part of the planning the past 3.  Its a unique baby "expo" in that its tailored to families seeking natural pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources, so its not full of vendors just pushing products, but services, and the information families need to make healthy, informed choices! Kudos to the birth network team for again creating an amazing event that I hope to be part of for years to come!


This year we had a new media partner come out and help promote the event and interview many of the vendors. I must say I generally HATE seeing and hearing myself on video, but this one came our pretty good. I had a great chat with Kimberly about what I do. Thanks for taking time to ask questions, and help promote the event!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Photography News Published Photos Sat, 04 May 2013 01:46:59 GMT
Tara & Jess are married! {Clearwater Wedding Photographer} This sweet couple has planned a simple, intimate wedding. They would be getting married at the church they met at, and have a small family and close friends only reception in Seminole. Here are a few from their special day. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wedding Photography Tue, 30 Apr 2013 00:50:09 GMT
Tampa Maternity Photography {Lettuce Lake Park} This radiant mama to be is a fellow birth worker, as well as a 3rd time mom to be! Our due dates are days apart. So it was a lot of fun to talk about our pregnancies, and children with someone who is also a real kindred spirit in the way we view and plan our births!


This was my first time shooting at Lettuce Lake park, but it didn't take long to find a great natural, private setting.  The sound of the breeze in the trees was relaxing.  I hope you enjoy this little taste of this mama's session.






















(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Sun, 14 Apr 2013 16:50:30 GMT
The Birth of Cordelia {St. Petersburg Birth Photography- Bayfront Baby Place I was really excited to work with this sweet couple. They were referred by a previous client, so I knew they must be fantastic! She was seeking doula and photography.  Wonderful! They were planning to birth their first daughter at Bayfront Baby Place in St. Petersburg.

I have only attended transfers and cesereans to this point there, so I wasn't sure what to expect as far as limitation with photography (a common issue we have to face when shooting in hospital- we always need to be respectful of the hospital policies so we can continue to serve our area). But I found them to be over all quite agreeable, and had just as few rules, otherwise I was able to capture their big day! Yay!


So the time had come........ it was the day their daughter would be born. Her name kept a secret up to this point, their family and friends could hardly contain their excitement. This birth room was kept calm, yet joyful. There were words read from scripture, prayers said over mom and baby, and a whole lotta love between this sweet couple. 

Ive seen my share of births, Ive seen the fast and slow, the simple and complicated. Ive always considered the ideal birth to be one that isn't too fast or slow. No complications, and the mom feel supported, heard, and her wishes respected.  This birth mostly went that way. Just a nice, easy birth over all.  A beautiful thing.

Here are a few images the mom has given me permission to share.







(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Fri, 08 Mar 2013 03:10:12 GMT
Tampa Wedding Photography {DIY Backyard Wedding- While You Say I Do.. I realise most of my blog posts about about pregnancy and birth. But I do photograph weddings on occasion with my photographer partner Ryan. Together we make up the Tampa Bay area wedding photography group While You Say I Do... Wedding Photography.


Our "target" bride, if you will, is the eclectic, hip, DIY bride. And this bride was a perfect fit for us! Her backyard wedding sounded like a dream. And it was! They were so much fun to work with. Here are a few from their big day that I took!


video clips shot by me, and about 1/2 the stills, film edited by me






(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wedding Photography Mon, 11 Feb 2013 03:02:31 GMT
2011 Homebirth VBAC Transfer Birth Story- Photos in the OR {St. Petersburg Birth Photography} One thing about going back to revisit old photos is seeing the areas that you have grown as a photographer, but also taking time sit back and remember the moments, the memories, the emotions.  This blog will have sections written from the mama's blog which you can read here-


From Me:

This family is very special to me.  Not only have they allowed me to be part of the births of both of their children, they were one of my very first doula clients. Giving this eager new doula a chance. It's a joy to call this mama a friend, and watch her family grow together over the years.

I was thrilled to learn it was "time". This mama had been planning her 2nd birth. A HBAC (Home birth after cesarean). Her first birth was long, hard, and she was a warrior! But at the end, she knew baby had to come via Cesarean section.  So this birth, we were all gathering around her, in her home, believing in her body, and her baby, and this birth!  When I arrived, labor seemed to be pretty good an active. Mama was laboring using different positions, using her birth tub and moving around. The midwife came, determined it would be a little while yet, so mama headed to the pool, where she felt her water break.


From the mama:
My midwife arrived around 5:30am.  She checked me right away and (if I remember correctly), I was only 2cm and 80% effaced and the baby was at station -2.  This was a bit of a letdown for me, considering I am pretty sure he had been MUCH, MUCH lower (I had been walking around for the past few weeks feeling like he could have fallen out!).  I then had my doula come over and when she arrived we went for a long walk. When we got back I decided would like to get into the backyard pool.  While it was a bit chilly, it was nice, and B & N joined me in the pool.  My rushes had not gotten closer together since my midwife arrived so she was going to go pick up breakfast, but just as she was pulling out of the driveway, my water broke and my rushes suddenly picked up in timing and strength.

From Me:

I remember watching the family in the pool laboring, the midwife and her assistant just watching on, thinking...... THIS is how birth can be! It was just beautiful.  Mama was making quick progress once her water broke.  Once back inside mom was hard at work, sometimes dad was her full support, sometimes his job was entertaining and taking care of their older daughter and one of us would step in for the support.


From the mama:

We decided to come in out of the rain and B had filled the birth tub in the living room while I was walking earlier, so I hopped in there for some warmth and labored for a while in there.  The rushes were definitely increasing, and then I got out because I was too warm.  I tried different positions, and then I think it was around 9 or 9:30am when my midwife decided to check me again (I was getting to that real complaining stage) - and sure enough, I was complete with just a slight "lip" but he was still at station -2.  But I couldn't believe it!  Here I was at home - and had labored with no issues and was about to have my baby at home like I had dreamed all this pregnancy, and if all went well, I couldn't believe that I'd probably have him by 10am - which would be WAY shorter of a labor than I had with N.


From Me:  Laboring down...... then giving pushing a try. I couldn't believe it went so fast. This mama was so close now, I was so excited for her I almost couldn't stand myself!  She pushed..........and and pushed...... and changed positions..... and pushed....... and things seemed to get harder..... but not any closer.......  We held our belief in this mama, knowing that trial of labor is really the only way to know if a baby will come out naturally, but based on what we knew about her body, and baby, we all were starting to wonder if this was going to happen for her. She was so close......My heart was beginning to break for her. Then the time came, where she knew it wasn't going to happen, at least not at home.......


From the Mama:

Well, since baby was still up so high, my midwife suggested that I try to "labor down" for a bit and see if we could speed things along.  I tried many different positions to get him down - pushing, pushing, and pushing for hours.  And then my back seriously felt like it was going to break in half - so I'm pretty sure that's when he flipped to posterior.  Anyways.... I like I mentioned, I pushed, pushed and pushed some more. I think it was around 3 hours of pushing when my motherly instinct told me this wasn't happening and he was stuck (a bit like his big sister).  My midwife encouraged me to continue pushing and change up positions to see if that would open me up a bit more, but when she checked me again (another hour later), there had been no change, my pelvis wasn't opening up any more.  And then after remembering that baby boys head had measured over 40wks in size at a 36wk ultrasound (but yes, taking into account that heads are squishy and can usually fit through a normal pelvis), it was pretty obvious that this was not going to happen the way we planned, and I asked to go to the hospital (ok, at this point, I think I was begging to go).   And once it was decided, I pretty much gave up on pushing and my Hypnobabies (the method I was using to work through labor).

Ugh.  Definitely not what we wanted.  Definitely not what we had hoped or planned for (not even a bag packed or anything).  But definitely necessary if we wanted to see our baby. 

B & I got into our doula's car and she drove us downtown to the hospital, and I admit, I was a horrible patient upon arrival!  (Umm....hello...I'm 10cm and having the worst back labor ever!!)  Anyways - it seemed to take them FOREVER (I am seriously impatient as it is), but I had to have an exam, ultrasound, bloodwork, etc. all before they could send me to the OR (which I was constantly asking for!)


From Me:

So off we headed to Bay Front Baby place.  While I wouldn't not normally drive, this time, it was needed, God help me get there fast and safely! I dropped them off at the door, then headed to find parking for myself. The walk from car to the hospital felt like it took forever, worried about my sweet client, and what she might be going through. Are they being kind? Are they giving her a hard time for attempting a VBAC at home? Maybe she is pushing her baby out, is she on her way to the OR. I all but ran.  I got there, and while I do not approve of some of the attitudes and things being said in the room as this mom was still contracting, still in pain...... I will say..... they let me in the OR.... and with my camera. For that, I am eternally grateful!


From the Mama:

---- Back up to the exam - the OB checked me (confirming that I was "complete") and noted that there was no way I could ever give birth vaginally because my pelvis was not able to open any further and would not be able to ever push even a tiny baby out.  Normally, something like that would have sent me for a loop and may not have even believed him, but being that here I am trying to give birth to my 2nd (and last) baby, and pretty much begging for a c/s, it just confirmed my mama instincts from earlier that he was stuck up in there. 

Once the bloodwork finally came back they wheeled me to the OR and got me all hooked up and the spinal in.  B & our doula were both able to join me (so thankful!) and about 15 minutes later, at 4:20pm on 9/10/11, our little boy was born.  All 8pounds, 7 ounces and 20-1/2 inches long! 

Can you see the distinct line where baby's head was trying to get into the pelvis?


I couldn't have been happier to be allowed in the OR with this family, to let them just experience those first moments, vs stress over getting pictures to remember it! Also to be able to stay with mom during the rest of the surgery so she wouldn't have to be alone while dad and baby left the OR. As a doula, its very hard to be separated from our clients, not knowing whats happening, just wishing we could be there to support them.

I'm glad I was able to get photos of mama meeting her son for the firs time.... and mom and dad sharing this moment together.

Waiting in recovery to be reunited with her son.......

Before long, it was time for this family to have the moment they had been waiting for. To be united, as a family of 4. 

While the birth outcome wasn't what they were hoping for. This mama knows she did all she could to give it her the best. And as I recently heard someone say at a workshop, this mama gave her baby the "Gift of Labor" because we know it plays a big role in preparing baby for life outside of the womb.  This mama has continued to share her story, believing in VBAC, and I'm still blessed to call her friend!



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Sat, 09 Feb 2013 03:57:53 GMT
Learning, Learning, Learning I was taking a moment to think back today at some of the great oppourtunities Ive had the past few years to continue my education.


Just a few of the fun things Ive done the past few years


CAPPA Doula Training

Charis Childbirth Educator Workshop

Ina May Gaskin Maternal Health Symposium and Honor Dinner

Birth Behind Bars Team

Natural Birth and Baby Expo and Tampa Birth Network Board involvment



Trust Birth Art Show


Spinning Babies with Gail Tully


I also was a part of a Dancing for Birth workshop in CO. But can't find any photos from that!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Thu, 07 Feb 2013 04:08:28 GMT
Tampa Bay Birth Network, My Photos, and its Expo Time {Tampa Bay Birth Events} Those who know me, know that I LOVE networking with other local birth workers!!  One of my favorite places for this is the annual Natural Birth & Baby Expo put on each year by the Tampa Bay Birth Network.

As the former president of the network I know first hand how much work goes into the details of putting together and expo.  The current ladies are well on their way to what should be another fantastic event. Ive been eagerly awaiting the moment vendor registration would open up so I could be part of this year's expo, as I have been every year.


The birth network also launched a redesign of its website. How neat to have a few of my images featured through out their website! Take a look!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Local Birth Events Photography News Published Photos Tue, 22 Jan 2013 01:55:59 GMT
2013 Client Goodies- Perks of being a Milk & Honey Mom!! This adventure into photography has taught me so much. There are also varied opinions on how one should, or should not run a business. To include a disc or not. To offer product as included perk or not. Digital or print. So so so many options.


I have tried various approaches, packages, and options. And when it came down to it, for me, I wanted my clients to not only love their photos, but love their experience with Milk & Honey.  With the new brand and new name would come new prices, business practices, and products.


While the specifics of the Mama Goodie Bag will change from time to time due to the custom nature of some of my products, the goal is the same. Pampering, healing, nourishing, and preserving memories. 


So is with great pleasure that I announce a few of the products included this year's Mama Goodie Bag

* A fantastic herbal newborn bath created by the amazing Cindy Collins, a fellow birth photographer, doula, educator, and herbalist.  Her company Euphoric Herbs has many amazing products that are created for the childbearing year.

* A wonderful 8x8 hard cover keepsake book. This book is the perfect way to remember the moments of your birth, year after year. It includes (when available) pages for mom and dad or whomever to write about their births, and thoughts for their bay.

* A disc of your still images and slideshows

* A unique Milk & Honey Stainless Steel waterbottle.  Perfect for keeping hydrated during pregnancy and birth. Stainless steel is an ideal water bottle material.

I am also working with a few local herbalist to find a few amazing, locally created, organic products to make mom feel pampered and refreshed.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photography News Fri, 18 Jan 2013 04:15:45 GMT
I'm published! And it takes a team!! How exciting! I got a message from a 2 time doula client, that one of her maternity photos had been used in the most recent issue of Green Child Magazine. Winter 2013 Issue

This is really exciting for me. When I started out learning photography, it was for my own pleasure. Then, as a dove deeper into the field, I knew I not only wanted to meet my clients expectations (top priority of course) but I wanted to achieve a level of quality that would be respected by my fellow photographers, and others in the industry. I wanted to create the highest quality I could. For many reasons.

This year has been extremely validating, and Ive seen my birth and maternity images shared world wide. This just blows me away! Its an unbelievable honor!


Thanks to facebook greats like Birth Without Fear, The Skeptical Mother, Bring Birth Home, and Brio Birth are a few that have shared images and/or videos.


This makes me so very happy, not just because of the images being shared, but that together, we are able to share the beauty, peace, and power of birth! Each birth is different, and all births are amazing. But if we can remove some of the fear, some of the misunderstandings, if we can put positive, beautiful images out there, to compete with the insane amount of scary, reality TV births moms are exposed to, we can, one woman, one image at a time, change the way we view birth in this country. 

So big thank you to those who serve families by sharing truth, beauty, and powerful images!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Photography News Published Photos Wed, 16 Jan 2013 02:28:19 GMT
Trust Birth Art Show {Birth Photography Tampa Bay} I was so excited to have one of my images used as part of the upcoming Trust Birth Art Show being put on by the fabulous ladies of Village Birth Circle St. Petersburg.  What an honor and pleasure to see the 2 things I love, photography and birth once again meet in a common place.

I was asked to take a few photos, along with a few other fabulous ladies.  Thank goodness there were several of us, because the room was PACKED with fellow birth workers, there were so many people to see and talk to! What a fun fun fun night.  Even my husband had a great time, and made new friends. 

Full gallery here-

Here are a few from that night!



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Charity Work Event Photography Local Birth Events Photography News Published Photos Sun, 13 Jan 2013 21:12:21 GMT
Tampa Bay Maternity Photography {Jodie- Vinoy Basin Pinellas Maternity Photography St. Petersburg} This mama and I had been trying to find a time to do a maternity session for weeks, but between the holidays, and the rainy cold weather, it had been impossible! So today we went out and braved it! Come what may! How could the photos not be beautiful with a mama who looks as amazing as she does! At almost 38 weeks, she has such a beauty, glow, and peace about her!


Best wishes on your upcoming birth!



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Mon, 07 Jan 2013 18:58:39 GMT
Welcome to 2013! Ready....Set... GO!!!! Jan. is going to prove to be a busy busy month!! 


1st- the re-branding is in full effect!!  I've received a lot of great feedback and Im so pleased with it all!


2nd- back to the birth biz! What I mean by that is there are lot of birthy events! An art show in which 2 of my photos will be on display, ICAN meetings, Tampa Bay Birth Network networking meetings, then in February, a Spinning Babies workshop.


All of these things for the purpose of becoming the best doula-photographer I possibly can for my clients! 

Just a short blurb to let you all know about all the exciting things going on.


Also going on call again in 2 weeks, have 2 mamas due next month! Excited to see the beauty and bliss their births will bring!!



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Photography News Fri, 04 Jan 2013 01:57:36 GMT
Merry Christmas- Tampa Bay Birth Photographer I generally don't feature my kiddos in posts, or other personal ongoings, but I wanted to share a little bit from our visit to downtown St. Petersburg for the big light display in a neighborhood. I visited this site with my family as a child, so it was neat to take my own kids to see the same things that brough so much wonder and joy to me as a child.


To visit and more information visit-




So to you and yours, Merry Christmas from Hallie D Photography and my family!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Fri, 21 Dec 2012 00:23:21 GMT
2012 Recap- Hallie's Favorites from this years session {Tampa Birth Photographer}  

I have had so many amazing clients this year. My 1st full year doing photography as more than just a hobby.  I am so thankful, so honored, and so excited for the future! Here are a few Ive chosen, not so much because they are perfect photos, but in these photos I see the amazing moments, memories and people Ive been blessed to work with this year!!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wed, 19 Dec 2012 00:28:00 GMT
New name- new brand- everything in one place!! Tampa Birth Photography I am so so so excited to finally share a few of the details with you all!!


Ive been working with the amazing talent (Lisa) of on this fabulous rebrand for 2013.


I have kept my birth work seperate from my photography work up to this point. But the two worlds have merged through birth photography. This is what I am most passionate about. So to cut down on confusion, to get a fresh new look for the 2013 year, and to put my energy into serving familys with both doula and photography, we have made these changes. Along with the changes to our "look" birth clients will now recieve gift bags with fantastic natural, herbal, and feel good products to pamper their body and soul! All birth photography packages will include a keepsake album with disc of all images.  There will also be special prices and insentives during the 2013 year!


So here are a few peeks of what is to come!


Example of new watermark


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photography News Fri, 14 Dec 2012 23:25:33 GMT
Birth of Baby Boy C {Dunedin - North Pinellas Birth Photography-Labor of Love Dunedin} When I first started talking to this mom to be, I just knew she would make an amazing mom, and have the birth she wanted. I've enjoyed getting to know her so much!  She was educated, prepared, and ready to meet her son.
She had a great birth, supported by me as doula, her mom, and her best friend who drove many hours to be there. It was really beautiful to see those 2 women, who love her so dearly, help her step by step.
She gave birth to her sweet little man, by listening to her body, acting on her instinct, and supported by a great midwife at Labor of Love-Dunedin

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Doula Services Photo Video Fusion Sat, 17 Nov 2012 01:52:44 GMT
The birth of Lily {Largo Birth Photography- Breath of Life Birth Center Largo}  

While being at a birth is always a special honor, there is something so special about attending births with repeat clients. The special joy of seeing a sibling meet his or her new baby, after seeing them born, brings me so much happiness.


The birth of Lily was a little over 2 years since her big sister was born. In many ways their births were pretty similar. Mom had beautiful, natural births at Breath of Life Birth Center in Largo, FL.  Both times the midwife watched the mom, never did checks, and no directed pushing. Mom just birthed as she was designed to. There was also a lot of scripture quoting, prayer, and love in the room.  I really love attending births at Breath of Life. 


Thank you for the honor of attending your first, and now your 2nd birth. You are a special family with beautiful children!




(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Doula Services Sat, 17 Nov 2012 01:38:26 GMT
The Birth of Liam { Clearwater - Tampa Bay Birth Photography} Tampa Birth Photographer  

I love suprises. Especially with it comes to gender of babies!!  After spending time with this mama and her family during her maternity session (complimentary with birth photography & doula services), I just knew her birth would be full of special, loveing moments.  

Through out her labor the grandmas to be kept big brother occupied with snacks and games.  Dad never left mom's side. Giving foot rubs, hand massages, and so much encouragement. Lots of laugher and love.  Mom labored most of the day, and soon..... it was time to push.

What a beautiful moment it was when dad declared- its a boy!

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into this special day with this special family.











(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Doula Services Tue, 23 Oct 2012 17:53:41 GMT
Maternity Photography {Clearwater Maternity Photography} While we didn't get much sun on this lovely family, we still got beautiful images. I mean, how could we not?! How beautiful is she!

Excited to photograph her birth!





(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Tue, 18 Sep 2012 19:59:00 GMT
The birth of Preston {Natural Hospital Birth - St.Petersburg Doula & Birth Photographer}  
Sometimes, things don't go as planned in birth.
And birth plans must change...
When this mom's water broke, and baby decided to come a little too soon to be born at the birth center they chose (Breath of Life Birth Center- Largo, FL), this amazing family had to quickly settle into a new plan. The goal was the same-an intervention free, natural birth. Only now, it would be in the hospital setting.  
Her story in photos starts with waking the mall. Its HOT here right now, and mom wanted to do what she could to get things going, since her labor started with her water breaking. She did really well using her breath, moving, walking, and staying positive, even though the picture of birth she had in her mind, had to change. Mom made sure to eat to fuel her body, and stay hydrated.
Finally the time came that mom felt it was time to head to the hospital.  She wanted to make sure she had time to settle in to her birth environment, and find that calm, centered place she knew she would need to be in, to relax and birth her baby
-Major shout out to St.Pete General Hospital, and the two amazing nurses she had. Because of their willingness to listen to this mom, support her wishes, and actually follow through- she had a drug free, with no augmentation, intervention free birth. (no pressure to speed things up, no offering epidural, not even further pressure to get an IV once she declined) They made sure she had telemetry monitoring so she was never stuck in bed, and were great about only listening for 10 or so minutes at a time. When you have to transfer to a hospital from a birth center or home, you never know what to expect, but this family was listened to, respected, and so was their birth. As a doula who has seen a lot of things happen during births, this was very encouraging.
Mama used many positions and coping techniques learned in their childbirth classes at the birth center, taught by June Connell of Happy Birthway.  And as a team we (I was also her doula for this birth), walked, massaged, encouraged, and just reminded her how amazing she was doing.
It was night time, and she had been laboring all day, but it was obvious that things had progressed, and this mama was clearly in transition. Before we knew it,her body was taking over, and she was pushing her baby out. Then this mama welcomed her 2nd child, a boy, born naturally. She did it!
Why I am passionate about sharing this story:
I wanted to share this in an effort to support moms who may not have a choice about birthing in the hospital, or may have to change their plans.  Why is this important? Because too many moms don't get treated this way in the hospital, and we need to share that birth CAN be beautiful and low/to no intervention, in the hospital, BUT (and this is huge in my opinion) we want to let the hospitals know that as consumers, we WANT this type of birth not only offered, but actually supported. How a woman is treated and how she feels about her experience will stay with her for the rest of her life. We know the hospital and home are very different (Im a homebirth mama myself) but we wanted to share an encouraging story of a family still having a beautiful, natural birth in a supportive environment- this time, just happened to be a smaller local hospital.
Here is their photo video fusion pieces
Check out more images from this great birth on my facebook gallery here:!/media/set/?set=a.337231816366740.79561.123907324365858&type=1
(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Doula Services Mon, 10 Sep 2012 01:30:11 GMT
Improving Birth- National Rally for Change- {Tampa Bay Special Events Photography}  

The National Rally to Improve Birth took place over labor day at over 100 locations around the county.

Seeking to bring awareness to the high rate of unnecessary inductions and cesareans, and to encourage and insist that all maternal healthcare providers practice evidence based care.

Standing together to raise awareness and to promote the normalcy and power of birth. Holding signs, handing out flyers, laughing, cheering, conversing, sharing, proclaiming the truth about birth!

The local Tampa event took place at Straub Park in downtown St. Petersburg, just up the street for the Pier. It was an amazing mix of men, women, children, families, & birth professionals


Proud of my community for standing together for birth!! 







For the full gallery from the day- click the Rally Logo below

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Charity Work Local Birth Events Photography News Mon, 10 Sep 2012 01:00:52 GMT
Paradise Cove Wedding- {Orlando Wedding Photography}  

Wedding shot as part of my wedding partnership through While You Say I Do... Wedding Photography


Normally, when we are preparing for a wedding, it involves going over a list of gear we need, the list of photos we plan to take, who will shoot from what angles and other details to be fully prepared. This was the first time we had to plan for weather, and not just any weather. Tropical Storm Isaac. Would the wedding happen? Would the bride be devastated? How would we handle the rain and wind with our camera gear.

With so much uncertainty, we packed all the plastic for our gear we could, and hit the road to Orlando's Paradise Cove.

Thankfully, we never had the full brunt of the storm, but how much rain we would get at ceremony time was uncertain. We arrived, and preparations were in full swing. Everyone was keeping up hopes that things could precede as planned, and that we could all do our best to give this bride the day she had been dreaming of.

The time came to walk down the isle..... and the rain was just a drizzle, so it was time to get married!!











(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wedding Photography Sat, 01 Sep 2012 17:31:00 GMT
The Birth of Caleb {Tampa Birth Photography-homebirth}



Every birth is magical. But some mommas come in with stories that make being part of their day extra special.

Most women desire a beautiful birth and postpartum. This momma had a beautiful birth with her first child, natural birth at a birth center. But things went from amazing to scary when they suspected their newly born daughter had Down Syndrome.  What followed was a scary period of unknown outcomes, surgeries, nursing difficulties,  and adjusting to a new reality.  Read more about their journey and their special little girl here on their blog-

For their 2nd child, they wanted photos to document the birth, and the postpartum, which would be very different.

Then their big day arrived. I grabbed my gear and headed to her home.  It was beautiful to witness this mama laboring, changing positions, relishing the moment. That afternoon a strong thunderstorm rolled in. Bringing an amazing energy with it. Baby was posterior, so she used a lot of positions to encourage him to turn. Her Doula use rebozo techniques to help move baby. Once baby boy moved, he was ready to be born. Sweet baby boy cam earth side, and nothing but joy, peace, and calm followed. Everything this mama desired. Life as a family of 4 had begun.

To view her sneak peek- click this link!


Each birth photography client gets a slideshow of their images.  When possible I will be doing video clips as well.


Here is the "short" version of this mamas video.


I am so very happy that this family got the birth she desired so much.



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Sat, 11 Aug 2012 23:45:14 GMT
Big Latch on 2012 I love giving my time to support events and causes that matter. As a doula, I have seen women who have struggled with nursing, and getting the right information and support made all the difference. As a mom who nursed both babies, I know that having the support of my husband, and knowing where to turn for support and information made all the difference.  Thats part of why I love the Big Latch On event.  I was truly impressed by the amount of men present at this event, supporting the normalcy of breastfeeding! And lot of men wearing babies! I love that! Way to go guys!! It takes the support of an entire community to help moms nurse successfully, both in and out of their homes. So many adorable babies, beautiful moms, and wonderful families.


About the event- from their site

"The Big Latch On supports communities with identifying and growing opportunities to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and promotion.

The key to the Big Latch On's success is allowing communities to hold their Big Latch On events, empowering them to create an event that relates to the people of their community, while still taking part in a worldwide event."


So our area came together to support each other, support breastfeeding awareness, and education.

This year's event took place in Tampa, and was an amazing gathering of families, from all backgrounds, united for one cause. Here are a just a few from this year!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Related Photography Charity Work Local Birth Events not for profit Sun, 05 Aug 2012 02:45:53 GMT
The Birth of Ian... {Tampa Bay Birth Photography} I love any opportunity to attend a birth, but my favorite places are at home and at the birth centers! This birth I found myself back at Breath of Life.  A place that is so welcoming and loving.


This momma was a bit different than a regular client, we knew each other from work, so I was more than happy to be able to be there for her in any way she might need. I was thrilled to get the text that her water had broken, and her baby would be on its way.  But things didn't pick up.....afternoon turned to night, and night to morning, and morning to early afternoon. Trying everything, prayer team praying, doing all we could to trust birth, and not focus on the clock. Then when things started looking less than hopefully, thing went from 0-60 in a matter of a few short hours, a sweet baby boy made his appearance. There wasn't even time to fill the birth tub.


I am SO proud of you momma, you did awesome, and you birthed the way you wanted to! Look forward to seeing your little man grow!!

Here are a few of the photos from her birth:


Scroll to bottom to view her video fusion piece


birth center birth photography largo

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Sat, 14 Jul 2012 01:43:07 GMT
Disney Inspired Engagment Photo Video Fusion { Tampa Bay Wedding & Engagement Photography} I was excited for the day to arrive for my chance to really work with my new camera's video function.  My wedding photography partner Ryan, as a project of our wedding photography service- While I Say I Do... Wedding Photography, and I did a Ratatouille (Disney Movie) inspired engagement shoot for an awesome couple.  It was not hard to see the love they shared.  And oh boy, did it smell amazing as they prepared a yummy meal together for their themed session. 


Photo Video fusions combines the mediums of still photos and video clips. Clients will receive their video on DVD as well as in online form to share with friends and family far and near.


Take a moment to view the newest form of creating and enjoying images- photo video fusion



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Engagement Photography Photo Video Fusion Photography News Wedding Photography Fri, 13 Jul 2012 18:15:24 GMT
Tampa Bay Birth Photography- Photo Video Fusion Slideshows As a new offering to my birth photography clients I am now including a custom slide show with video and sound elements.  Here is a slideshow that has a clip of baby's first cry.  Future shows I hope to highlight more video into the series.   I will be posting a blog about a video fusion engagement session that will give a full example of how we can marry still images and video clips to create a truly unique way to share, preserve, and remember amazing moments in life.

Take a moment to enjoy this short video example of what I can create to preserve the memories of your child's birth.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photo Video Fusion Photography News Fri, 13 Jul 2012 13:47:11 GMT
Birth Photography in the News! The New York Times How cool to see a publication like The New York Times feature birth photography!  Some of my favorite photographers were highlighted in this article.

I loved this quote from the article:

"But their rationale is simple: If you are going to document a child’s every bite of mushed banana as if it were a historical event, does it not make sense that his or her entrance into the world be photographed by a professional?"


Birth is just one of those times you never forget.  Moments that you didn't know even happened as you are fully involved in the labor process. I LOVE seeing faces of women when they see tender moments they were unaware to, or the calm they displayed though they felt out of control. The different view of their experience. The one they expereince on the inside, they can view from the outside. Painting a total picture.


Take a minute to read the article! Click the logo below!




(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Photography Sat, 16 Jun 2012 19:00:59 GMT
Maternity Photography- {Studio Maternity Photography- Tampa Bay-Pinellas} I've done a lot of maternity photography. But up to this point it has all been outside. So I was excited to be asked to do studio maternity! I love the shape of a pregnant woman, and was excited to try out some different techniques for capturing that beauty in a new setting.  I rented studio space from my friend over at Capture Bug Photography.  


This was an awesome couple, and we laughed for most of the session.  Laughter is so great for helping everyone relax, and bring out the natural beauty in a woman!  Its always sweet to watch couples who are relaxed really intereact. Its like a small glimpse into the love they share.  They are both very excited to welcome their sweet baby girl next month! Best wishes for your upcoming birth!!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Studio Photography Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:21:19 GMT
Largo High School Prom {Seniors- Largo Botanical Gardens- Pre Prom Photography} I still remember my prom. The excitement of that day, getting ready, feeling beautiful.  The bittersweet emotion of be so near to the closing of a chapter in life. 


I was really excited when I was asked to photograph 2 couples before their prom. They were Largo students. My alam mater.  These 2 couples not only looked fantastic, they shared so much love.  The girls were best friends, and their guys clearly loved them. It was very sweet. I hope they had a blast, and I hope they love their photos!

Congrats Largo High School class of 2012!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Prom Photography Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:37:48 GMT
New Photography Partnership! Weddings! I am excited to announce a new partnership! Hallie D Photography has joined forces with RMT Photography to become "While you say I do... Wedding Photography"

Working as a team we are able to offer our clients complete wedding coverage, telling heir story from a variety of perspectives, and provide a truly unique photography experience. With over 15 years of friendship, and a shared vision for photography, they work together with ease to capture your wedding from all angles. There for the big moments, the tiniest of details, and all L-O-V-E! 

We're just getting our website put together, but for now- come "Like" us on FACEBOOK.


See Ryan's recent Tumblr post here-


Offering quality, affordable, team photography in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Photography News Wedding Photography Thu, 31 May 2012 12:54:47 GMT
Shoots for the Cure! I'm part of the network! I recently applied to be part of a network of photographers world wide who volunteer their time and talent to serve families facing terminal or potentially terminal diagnosis. 

This of course is near and dear to my heart, as the majority of the loved ones Ive lost have been taken by cancer. My mom, my step mom, my grandmothers......  the photos I had taken of my step mom before she passed mean so much to me.  I wish I had done them before my mother died.   So I am honored to give back. Life is fragile, and we will all slip from this earth one day, but we can live on in memories and in photos.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Charity Work Shoots for a Cure Wed, 23 May 2012 02:24:05 GMT
Newborn Detail Session {St. Petersburg- Newborn Photography} I was thrilled when a momma called me to do photos of her yet to be born baby! When the call came that he'd been born, we set a day!


When I started in photography I swore I would not specialize in newborns.  The trend being lots of props, and fancy editing, etc.  So I developed these detail sessions to meet the need of my clients having babies. I didn't expect to really start to love these sessions. The little toes, the tender moments.  Sigh.... love little tiny babies! :)


This adorable family was so sweet, and their newbly born son, just a peach of a little guy. Hope you enjoy just a few from their session!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Detail Session Newborn Photography Mon, 21 May 2012 13:05:39 GMT
Brooke & Sam are married! {Indian Rocks Beach Wedding Photography} Last summer I met this beautiful bride for the first time. We talked about her big day, and she smiled ear to ear when she mentioned her fiance Sam.  Later we met to do their engagement photos (Take a peek at a few of them HERE )  There love was visible, and they were just adorable together.  Before we knew it, it was 2012 and May!

There ceremony took place in the gazebo, framed by magnificent oak trees at the Chic-A-Si Park Indian Rocks Beach.  Their ceremony was personal, and simple, yet elegant.  Small swans adorned their ceremony program to highlight the last name this will both share. Their ceremony florals where the airy, delicate, baby's breath. They bride and groom recessed down the isle to smiles and bubbles being blown. 

The reception was held at the Key West conference room at the Harborside Holiday Inn, also on Indian Rocks Beach. The reception was a vision of white flowers, candle light, and white linens.  Guests enjoyed appetizers, music, a photobooth, and the beauty of the location while the newly married couple enjoyed having their formal photos with my co-photographer Ryan of RMT Photography.

The bride and groom arrived to their reception in a convertible, then joined their guests for a wonderful meal, dancing, and celebration. Their reception featured lighting and music by Best Audio Visual, Inc. , and a photobooth.  The couple treated their guests to a sweet treat with a candy bar featuring candy in their theme colors of white and purple. 


It was a beautiful night full of love. I wish you only the best, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!







(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wedding Photography Mon, 07 May 2012 03:30:26 GMT
Prom 2012-Clearwater High School {Clearwater Senior Photography- Prom}

Its that time of year again, when teens take to the streets in their formal wear, heels and updos, and dance the night away.  Its one of many traditions to mark the end of an era. There is joy, exciement, laughter, and love. And that small sting of knowing that its part of one chapter ending and a new one begining.

I was really honored to be hired to do a session for a few teens that I think are pretty amazing.  I really enjoyed helping capture the memories of the girls getting ready, all their little details, and then photos with their dates and mothers. For one mom, it was her 1st born heading to prom, for the other, her baby. The love and emotion was touching.  The girls were dolled up with help from their sister and moms, and as they went to meet their dates, welcomed with looks of awe and amazment at their beauty. It was very special to witness.

So here's to the class of 2012! Wishing you best as you step out in style into the future!







(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Prom Photography Sun, 29 Apr 2012 03:37:11 GMT
Newborn Photography {Clearwater Newbon Photography- in home} Live in a place long enough, and you start to do live with the people around you. Our neighborhood was thrilled when we heard the news of the arrival of a sweet little boy. His parents had hoped for him for awhile.

So this sweet baby had one of my "Detail" sessions, in the comfort of his own living room.  Focused on all the cute little details, little hands, feet, ears, lips, etc. This isn't a highly processed shoot, with lots of props and photoshot editing, Meaning- I choose not to do extensive edits to change skin tones, removing veins, flaky skin, etc. Thats the point of this shoot, to freeze a moment in time. I think those types are splendid. And I am working on learning those editing techniques, but the simple of goal of the "Detail Session" is to capture just that, those tiny details. Skin, hair on th shoulders, the color, the tiny fingers.  Those things that fade so fast.



(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Newborn Photography Fri, 20 Apr 2012 19:35:44 GMT
Homebirth Tampa Bay {VBAC- Pinellas Homebirth Photography}  



Laboring in the comfort of her own home, doula, Dr. Alexa Fagan-  (right back) & Midwife Jill Adams - (far left).  The best support team knows when to step in, and when to step back and let the laboring woman do her mighty work. Using water for comfort during labor. Waterbirth is a gentle, safe way to brith your baby.


I love homebirth. I also love when women are supported in their choices on where and HOW to birth.  In our area, fufilling the desire to VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserean) can be next to impossible. There just isn't much support. Throw into the mix a scar that is not a simple one, and it becomes even harder. Thankfully there are those will support women in her choice. 

Are you a woman seeking a VBAC but have been told your scar is "high risk" or not the typical? Visit this site for resources, support, and information.  and for local Tampa resources visit here-


I am so proud of this special momma who worked hard, listened to her body, her intuition, stood her groud, and birthed her baby, naturally and vaginally, even after so many said she couldn't.  So very happy for you and your beautiful family.  Permission to share just a few from her birth.  I love the peace, calm, and support during homebirth!

Monitoring of moms and baby during labor, done in position that is most comfortable for the laboring woman.



In moms arms at last (*Photo taken with mom's camera by doula- my work this birth was during labor and newborn photos)


In cases where birth happens fast, or preference against birth images, a "First 48" session can be scheduled. This is a simple, intimate, photo session done in your home, birth center, or hospital, in the first 48 hours of your baby's life. They change so quickly preserve those fresh details before they are gone.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography First 48 VBAC homebirth Wed, 18 Apr 2012 03:27:27 GMT
Love.... Country Strong {Country Theme Marriage Session- Safety Harbor} When a special gal contacted me about doing some post wedding photos for her I was thrilled. She is an aspiring photographer, and an all around cool chick!

This fun couple got married at the courthouse, but wanted to have a special photoshoot to honor this special time in their lives.  The new bride dreamed of a country setting with horses.  Being in the bay area, there aren't too many options. But the Magic Beans Village Foundation in Safety Harbor provided us what we needed. I highly recommend you take a moment to view their website, they do amazing work with developmentally disabled children and adults


This couple wanted country, vintage, fun, romance, beautiful light, and photos to remember this time when they commited their lives to one another.  Here are just a few from this fun shoot!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Couples Photography Engagement Photography Safety Harbor Photography Wedding Photography Mon, 16 Apr 2012 17:12:42 GMT
Birth Photography {Homebirth- Clearwater- Pinellas Midwife Jill Adams} Ive been a doula for a little over 4 years now.  In the past year I have been having the honor of being at the 2nd births of previous doula clients. My most recent birth I attended was for a client who birthed about 2 years. This is a special family, and I was sad when I learned she was pregnant, and I would probably not be able to be her doula.  I had taken time off of births, and turns out, the time around her due date would be very busy time of year. We connected closer to her due date, and talked birth photography!

I am a huge supporter of homebirth.  Besides being a very safe option for women, there is just something magical about it. So when the message came late at night, I knew it was time! This amazing momma had chosen the very talented pair of doulas, Charlie & Megan of Barefoot Birth our of Tampa. And midwife Jill Adams.  I couldn't wait to be part of a birth with this team.

This super cute baby boy was born gently into water in the middle of the night. Mom was cradled in dads arms the entire time.  With in seconds of his new son being placed in her arms, she was saying "oh I love you".  It was a great moment. Here are a few images from this special moment!

First Embace {Waterbirth}



Homebirth Midwife Jill Adams

Midwife Jill Adams visiting with newbly born baby. (above)

Student Midwife Jessica performing part of the newborn exam. All done in the comfort of his own home. (below)


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Homebirth Photography Waterbirth Photography Thu, 12 Apr 2012 21:50:30 GMT
Revisiting a old birth {Largo Birth Photography- Breath of Life Birth Centers} So I confess, this is a birth from awhile back, when I first started learning photography. I was revisiting old files as I was organizing my computer, and just feel in love with this birth all over again.  So I thought Id take some some time, try a few new edits.

While my photography has come a long way since this birth, the joy and love from these moments are perfect!!

I hope you enjoy them too!!







(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Birth Photography Wed, 04 Apr 2012 04:36:00 GMT
World Doula Week


Click on the image about for more information about World Doula Week



Its world Doula Week!  Did you know I am now offering Doula Services with Birth Photography? I am experienced doula who has attended over 30 births.  Today is actually the 4th birthday of my very first doula baby! I've taken about 6 months off from births, to test the waters in other areas of photography, like weddings and events, but have come back to focusing on what I love most, expecting families!


Your a What?? Whats a Doula (Doo-Lah)?

During labor, doulas provide close uninterrupted care of the mother. They can provide comfort with pain relief techniques, such as breathing, relaxation, massage and various laboring positions. Doulas also encourage participation from the partner and offer reassurance. A doula acts as an advocate for the mother, encouraging her in her desires for her birth. The goal of a doula is to help the mother have a positive and safe birth experience, whether the mother wants an un-medicated birth or is having a planned cesarean birth.


My Birth work bio-

My Doula Practice- click logo to visit my website








Hallie realized she had a strong desire to work with pregnant women after the birth of her daughter in January 2007. Through her personal experience, she learned the importance of having knowledge about pregnancy, labor and birth, and the value of a positive support system. This had led her to pursuing her certifications for being a Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator with CAPPA. Hallie believes that birth is a sacred event and is always honored to be part of it. She also has a love for helping fathers/partners become involved on their comfort level, creating memories and strengthening family bonds. She has experience with birth in hospitals, birth centers, and home births.

Hallie is a member of
International Association of Professional Birth Photographers
CAPPA -Certifying Organization- Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Assc.
Hallie is President of: The Tampa Bay Birth Network
Member of Citizens for Midwifery


For 2012, Im going to be offering an amazing deal- Maternity, Birth (or First 48), and Newborn, which will include 3 photo framed gift from me that showcases all these stages, for an amazing price similar to just hiring me as a doula! Prices vary depending on time of year, location of birth and other factors! Please email me at for more information and prices!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) A New Life Begins Birth Photography Doula Maternity Photography Thu, 22 Mar 2012 18:52:29 GMT
Waiting on Baby O {Maternity Photography-Clearwater/Largo}  

Last week I had the honor taking pictures of a special family awaiting their little girl. Ive known these ladies for a long time. We actually all sang in choir together in high school. So it was extra special to be standing together again, but for a very different reason! We had beautiful sunshine behind us, and dark black clouds behind us. So we had to work FAST! But I was able to get great photos for them that capture their love and that sweet baby bump!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Maternity Photography Wed, 14 Mar 2012 21:20:51 GMT
Double the fun! {Largo Botanical Gardens- Twin 1 yr Session} A few weeks back I met up with an awesome momma (and her awesome momma) to try and capture (this word has never been more appropriate) pictures of her adorable twin 1 year old girls. This was an adventure, and cuteness was overwhelming! We chose the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Largo. A place they could run around, be relaxed, and well, its beautiful.   Here are just a few of this fun time together!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Family Photography Thu, 08 Mar 2012 22:39:34 GMT
In FRONT of the camera this time {Safety Harbor Photography} I think its a good idea for any photographer to be photographed.  You forget how it feels sometimes.  How akwards and uncomfortable it can be! I saw the world from the client's view. I think many of us get into this work because we love photographs, but don't like being in them!


I wanted to update my personal picture for use on facebook, and here on my website. So I hired a photographer friend [Ryan of RMTPhotography]  to take a few of me.  Let me just say, even if I had been blessed with the body to model, I don't think I could, seriously, I was so akward, unnatural, and cluless.  Thankfully my photog friend has lots of experience photographing and directing people. So what did i learn from this? That I am going to work even harder to make my clients feel comfortable. Study posing to help be prepared to make them look their best.  So, for those who may wonder..... here are some from this shoot!


Photography Hallie Dedrick with her Nikon camera

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Thu, 08 Mar 2012 03:41:00 GMT
Tarpon Springs Maternity & Family {Natural Background Maternity in Tampa Bay) clearwater tampa bay maternity photography anderson park I might be biased, but there are few forms more beautiful and radiant than that of a woman close to birthing. I know, I know, the women don't usually feel that way, but there is a glow like no other time.  Enjoyed getting out in the sunshine on what was easily one of the most beautiful days of the year. 

tampa bay pinellas family photography park sunset


family photography maternity tarpon springs park

Clearwater Maternity Photography Anderson Park

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Maternity Photography Wed, 07 Mar 2012 02:19:30 GMT
Sand and well.... {Clearwater Beach Family Photography} well...... not the sunset we hoped for, we got a few glorious minutes, but mostly dark hazy clouds.  But that can give a totally different, and interesting look!


We'll never let that get us down! I had the honor of taking a few pictures of a family I adore! They were one of the families that helped me get my start in this world of photography.  And I am so thankful. They live out of state and were in town for a few days. So we snuck off to the beach to snap a few!

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Wed, 07 Mar 2012 01:41:57 GMT
Learning, learning, learning! This weekend I have been watching an AMAZING workshop online vis CreativeLive, titled Bellies & Babies by Sandy Puc'

She is an amazing photographer,but even more so, an amazing person. She founded an organization I hope to be part of one day, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. I always thought I might like to "give back" in this way, but it wasn't untill I found myself doing photos for a special family after an unexpected loss of their baby during labor.  I was so scared, my heart was pounding, then when I saw that angel face, and have heard the words of his mother since, what those pictures mean to her...... I want to be available for ANY family going through this. But NILMDTS has pretty high standards, so I hope to learn what I can, and when I feel ready, I plan to apply and hope to become part of their network.  In case anyone is wondering, I am available if a family has a need. For any loss, sick child, sick parent etc. I know for me, the photos I have with my mom (I wish we had done a formal session, didn't realise people did that), and with my step mom are so precious to me.


But back to learning, Im excited to be learning so many amazing things to help me be a better photographer, and better business woman. Ive taken the last 2 months (post Christmas rush) to catch up and handle a lot of other personal projects, but my goal for March is to dive back in with my new marketing, packages, and ideas! 

This summer I will be attending another awesome workshop, and who knows, maybe I'll find a few more awesome ones to take! :) 

(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) Down Education I Lay Me Now Photography Sleep to Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:44:08 GMT
Class of 2012- Northside Christian- Savannah {Pinellas Senior Photography}  I had the chance to work with another special senior this week! We had fun, tried a few new ideas. This senior is very involved in the arts, and has an affinity for stars, so I wanted to her pictures to echo that! Here are a few favorites!


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) High School Seniors Senior Session Sun, 23 Oct 2011 02:08:00 GMT
Class of 2012- Senior Emily- Pinellas Park High School {Pinellas Senior Photography}  

Seems like yesterday my senior class was preparing to take our steps on to the feild to get our diplomas! In a blink of an eye, over a decade has passed!

There aren't many people in my life who I've had the chance to watch "Grow up", but one of the few that I have had, is a senior this year! And I was so excited to have the chance to do photos for her!

The goal of the senior photos is to capture the student as they are, being who they are. I want to know what makes them tick, what they are interested in, their hobbies, and personality. From there, my goal is to try and "capture" it. Just like other big times in your life, your senior year is filled with mixed emotions, big choices, and is a point of transition in life. All of these elements make this a time I am excited to capture for families!

Here are a few of my dear "Emmy", who has grown up before my eyes, and become like a member of my family! Emily loves reading, sign language, art, and her family.


(Milk & Honey Photography | by Hallie - Nashville Area Photographer) High School Seniors Senior Session Sun, 23 Oct 2011 02:03:00 GMT